Jaffa Orange Blossom-infused Labneh

In his book, 88 Short Stories, the writer Guy de Maupassant wrote, ‘Did you ever sleep in a field of orange trees in bloom? The air which one inhales deliciously is a quintessence of perfumes. This powerful and sweet smell, as savoury as a sweetmeat, seems to penetrate one, to impregnate, to intoxicate, to induce languor, to bring about a dreamy and somnolent torpor. It is like opium prepared by fairy hands and not by chemists’. This subtlety sweet labneh recipe is inspired by that poetic sentiment and my memories of the intoxicating scent of the orange groves on the road to Jaffa as they blossomed in the late Autumn. It is loosely based on the classic Moroccan dairy dessert, raib beldi, a junket  made from raw cow’s milk curdled with dried wild artichokes and flavoured with scented orange flower water. During the summer months, I like to serve this up for breakfast, drizzled with fragrant honey, alongside freshly baked Jerusalem sesame bagels, succulent slices of fresh ripe peach and a cup of strong espresso.



300g Greek yoghurt
Half a tsp orange blossom water
Zest of one orange, finely grated
1 tsp unrefined granulated sugar
2 tsp Odysea wild thyme & fragrant herb honey
25g pistachios, chopped

How I make it

In a bowl, mix together the yoghurt, orange blossom water, the orange zest and the sugar.

Line a sieve with a square of muslin and tip the yoghurt mixture in. Bring the corners of the muslin together and tie. Place the sieve over a bowl and put it in the fridge for 24 hours.

To serve, place the labneh in a pretty dish and drizzle with honey and pistachios.

This is absolutely gorgeous served alongside my Greek wild thyme and fragrant herb honey polenta cake.



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