Supper Club

‘Supper Club’ is available for collection in central York between 5pm and 6pm every Friday evening. Featuring a generously portioned vibrant two course Mediterranean plant-based supper for £30 per person with the option of a dessert for an additional £5 per person, the menu changes every two weeks, each one inspired by the authentic recipes picked up from years of travelling through the Mediterranean from Andalucia, Greece and Italy to Turkey, Israel and Lebanon.

That was a fabulous supper, full of interest and Middle Eastern flavours. The whipped feta and zaalouk was a fab combo, loved the pie and its smoky tomato. I loved it all, just my kind of food. Thank you so much. Wonderfully well organised tooJill Turton, Squidbeak

26th May: Naples menu

This menu is inspired by an evening deep in the heart of of the Quartieri Spagnoli – the Spanish Quarter – in the centre of Naples and a tiny family-run restaurant called Hosteria Toledo. It’s one of my favourites and our go-to place when we arrive in – and leave – this gloriously chaotic city. Here we sit at one of their rustic tables listening to the darkly beautiful waitresses sharing news and secrets, we observe beautifully groomed men checking on the evening’s takings and handsome boys running up to the other restaurants that line the narrow, laundry-draped streets with dishes taken from the main kitchen. It’s romantic, loving, rustic and slightly crazy.


A classic bruschetta, juicy plum tomatoes slowly roasted with sea salt flakes, freshly ground mixed peppercorns, garlic, wild oregano and olive oil with whipped ricotta garnished with lemon zest and fresh basil. Served with piadina flatbread (contains dairy, gluten)


Quartieri Spagnoli aubergine parmigiana (melanzane alla parmigiana), beautiful layers of slow-cooked tomato, garlic and red wine sauce, roasted aubergine, creamy mozzarella and Parmigiano-Reggiano topped with a sourdough crumb (contains dairy, gluten)

Crispy Italian roast potatoes with fragrant rosemary and garlic

Insalata di fagioli e radicchio, a vibrant salad of creamy cannellini beans, vibrant radicchio leaves and olives tossed in a piquant garlicky caper dressing and topped with slivers of Parmigiano-Reggiano (contains dairy)


Torta Caprese, a sumptuous chocolate and almond dessert cake from the glamorous island of Capri served with a berry and vanilla compôte and lemon-infused mascarpone (contains eggs, tree nuts, dairy)

Upcoming dates
Friday 26th May: Naples menu **FULLY BOOKED**
Friday 2nd June **GATHER PRIVATE EVENT**
Friday 9th June: Alhambra menu **FULLY BOOKED**
Friday 16th June: Alhambra menu **FULLY BOOKED**
Friday 30th June: Naples menu **FULLY BOOKED**
Friday 14th July: Catania menu (Sicilian)
Friday 21st July **GATHER PRIVATE EVENT**
Friday 28th July: Tarifa menu (Andalusian)

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