Supper Club

I am now creating a bi-weekly changing seasonal menu that you can enjoy on Friday evenings via contactless delivery (central York only) or collection. Book now to experience the hugely popular ‘Cardamom and Dill Supper Club’ in your own home available as a vibrant 3-course vegetarian supper for up to six guests for £30 per person or a 2-course ‘Cosy Night In’ supper for two for £25 per person.

Thank you so much for our fabulous ‘restaurant night’ on Friday. We all savoured every bite and were in wonderment over the colours and layers of flavour. Thank you once again for such a fabulous treat, a truly special event for us all” – Paula Tomlin-Kent, York

Menu for 19 and 26 June 2020 **SOLD OUT** – please complete the form at the bottom of this page for priority booking for July dates when they are released

This menu is inspired by a glorious summer evening in Granada in Spain, a mesmerisingly beautiful and exotic city that I hold deep in my heart. Dusk falls and the Jemaa el Fna – place of the vanished mosque – in the heart of the ancient walled médina is transformed into a seething mass of tribesmen, Berber villagers, performers and musicians who converge upon Morocco’s ochre-tinted city every evening to tell stories, juggle, bang drums in a trance-like state of bliss, dance, charm snakes, make henna tattoos and then tell fortunes from the lines on your hand – a handsome stranger, money from unexpected sources and a long life are all on offer here. Men roll out carpet after carpet with the flourish of magicians as their women whip exotic fabrics around your shoulders begging you to buy with their imploring eyes and toothless smiles. It is a dance of colour and sound like no other.

To start

Moroccan tartine of zaalouk – cooked aubergines, tomatoes and aromats – atop of creamy whipped feta garnished with toasted pumpkin seeds, fresh mint leaves, lemon zest and pul biber.

To follow

A Moorish chickpea and spinach filo pie with dried apricots, fiery harissa, Moroccan spices and toasted almonds served with a smoky tomato and garlic sauce

Spanish paella-style rice salad with hints of saffron, sherry vinegar, lemon and fresh parsley

Feta salad with fresh baby spinach, sourdough croutons and fresh oregano leaves with a citrusy sumac dressing

To finish

Torta de naranja, a rich orange and almond cake with orange blossom-infused Greek yoghurt

Please note that because of the challenges of sourcing ingredients at the moment, this menu cannot be adapted. However, I can always accommodate allergens and intolerances for specially commissioned suppers so please get in touch via this form making sure to complete the last box.