Supper Club

‘Supper Club’ is available for collection in central York between 5pm and 6pm every Friday evening. Featuring a generously portioned vibrant two course Mediterranean plant-based supper for £30 per person with the option of a dessert for an additional £5 per person, the menu changes every two weeks, each one inspired by the authentic recipes picked up from years of travelling through the Mediterranean from Andalucia, Greece and Italy to Turkey, Israel and Lebanon.

That was a fabulous supper, full of interest and Middle Eastern flavours. The whipped feta and zaalouk was a fab combo, loved the pie and its smoky tomato. I loved it all, just my kind of food. Thank you so much. Wonderfully well organised tooJill Turton, Squidbeak

3rd and 10th February: Catania menu

Scenes from the daily market in Catania, Sicily. Artichokes stuffed with garlic and parsley on the grill before being doused in olive oil and lemon to take away still warm wrapped in paper; succulent grilled red peppers; the sweetest onions cooked slowly over embers of a fire; myriad glittering fish and sea urchins caught just a few hours ago; mountains of shiny aubergines, wet garlic, blood oranges, gnarly lemons and the first of the summer berries. The hustle and bustle, the calling, the aromas, the colours and the sheer joy of it all is something to behold.


A spring bruschetta with a tumble of the juiciest cherry tomatoes roasted with fennel seeds and chilli flakes. Served with lemon-baked ricotta, a zingy salsa verde and freshly baked rustic bread (contains tree nuts, dairy, gluten)


Pasta alla Norma, the quintessential summer pasta dish from Catania said to be inspired by the premier of Bellini’s romantic opera Norma. Featuring a rich slow-cooked garlicky tomato sauce with just a hint of chilli, little nuggets of caramelised aubergine, fresh basil leaves and scattering of grated ricotta salata (contains dairy)

Insalata di patate con capperi e crumble di olive, a delicious potato salad from the island of Salina with fennel, sun-soaked tomatoes, red grapes, capers, olives, red chilli and fresh herbs

Bitter leaves with caper berries and peppery micro herbs dressed with Sicilian extra-virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and peperoncino flakes and garnished with toasted almonds (contains tree nuts)


A luscious pistachio cake served with a citrusy nectarine compôte, a subtle rose water mascarpone, rose petals and sliced pistachios (contains gluten, tree nuts, dairy)

Upcoming dates
Friday 10th February: Catania menu (Sicilian) **FULLY BOOKED**
Friday 17th February **GATHER PRIVATE EVENT**
Friday 24th February: Tarifa menu (Andalusian) **FULLY BOOKED**

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