Greek Island Mezze Menu

This vibrant Greek island mezze menu is inspired by an early summer dash to Corfu where each day began with an early morning stroll through the abundant farmer’s market exploring the stalls piled high with the freshest produce imaginable. Lunch invariably followed in one of the tiny traditional tavernas of beautiful Old Town featuring a cornucopia of simple yet flavour packed dishes such as those featured here. As always, this menu features the very best in quality Mediterranean products personally selected by Zoi, the founder Raphael’s Mediterranean Deli Products as well as expertly paired wines from Ben, Director of Novel Wines, one the UK’s most exciting wine retailers specialising in the truly unique and wonderful. Bring together your favourite people to create beautiful sharing plates to share outside this summer. Recall your own adventures and weave new stories into those that inspired this beautiful celebration of the rich culinary history of the stunning Greek archipelago.

The main event

Dakos, a Cretan summer bruschetta inspired by Zoi, founder of Raphael’s Mediterranean Deli Products, a tumble of the freshest mixed tomatoes with extra-virgin olive oil and and organic oregano from the renowned Mountain of Olympus piled atop toasted village bread with creamy ricotta and plump Kalamata olives

Sumptuous baked feta infused with fragrant lavender florets and organic thyme finished with thyme-infused honey from the Golden mountain of Paggeo

A bright citrusy slow-roasted beetroot chickpea dip with lashings of lemon and fresh mint

Greek broccoli salad with beautiful sun-dried tomatoes and shallots dressed in a Greek honey and lemon dressing and garnished with toasted almonds and a scattering of smoked chilli flakes

Greek village bread, horiatiko psomi, a sweet rustic bread with sesame, fennel and nigella seeds.

To finish

Greek peach and orange blossom spoon sweets served with Greek yoghurt and organic thyme honey from the Golden mountain of Paggeo, pistachios and rose petals

Wine Pairings

With a mix of creamy ricotta, salty feta and fragrant pops of thyme, this menu is calling out for a delicious glass of white or, to make it even more summery, rosé. Ben has firstly chosen the Kyperounda Petritis, a Cypriot white wine made exclusively from the Xynisteri grape which grows 1,400m above the sea in Europe’s highest vineyard plot. The grapes are handpicked and vinified at the Kyperounda winery which towers above Limassol in the Troodos mountains. A mix of gooseberries and candied lime over a creamy backbone, thanks to maturation in oak, the Kyperounda sings alongside the acidity of the tomatoes and lemons, cuts through the salt, and has enough fruit to charm smoked chilli, earthy beetroot and fragrant thyme. Vegan-friendly, 13.0% abv and currently £15.99 at Novel Wines. 

For rosé fans, try something a bit different and pair Kiki’s menu with the smooth, lightly spicy pink wine Chateau Ksara Sunset Rose from the Beqaa Valley in Lebanon. Ksara is Lebanon’s oldest and largest commercial winery founded by Jesuit monks in 1857. It’s crisp and fresh despite its deep colour and has a mix of summer berries and warm spice. It’s bound to delight especially in the sunshine. Vegan, 13.5% abv and £13.99 at Novel Wines. 

For the delicate, summery finish of peach and orange blossom spoon sweets and the crunch of the pistachios, why not go wild with your dessert wine and choose the floral Kracher Beerenauslese Red Roses from 7-time winemaker of the year Alois Kracher. Made from the rare rose Muscat, this dessert wine combines rose oil and grapey tones with sweet honey, nutmeg, orange and fresh berries. A bit of a treat at £29.99 but worth every penny at Novel Wines. Vegan-friendly, 13.0% abv.

Raphael’s Mediterranean Deli

Through the course of my culinary journey, I have spent a huge amount of time travelling and carefully researching authentic recipes from across the Mediterranean and demand very high standards when it comes to choosing ingredients. This is what regular guests of my Supper Club expect of me and I wouldn’t dream of offering them anything less. For this reason, I have chosen to partner with Raphael’s Mediterranean Deli Products who provide a range of products from their award-winning olive oil through succulent olives, the most beautiful organic herbs and sweet Greek honey. Details of the products that feature in this menu’s recipes are included with links designed to enable you to go on your own journey with them.