Mediterranean BBQ Menu

As we all venture outside for summer gatherings with family and friends, here are a few ideas for your BBQ/fire pit cooking adventure. Don’t be afraid to place a pan over your grill, it will work perfectly for simple dishes such as my Greek white beans with tomatoes, lemon and herbs (pictured below) and my gorgeous Santorini tomato fritters. All the other dishes can be made ahead and kept in the fridge until you’re ready to gather around your sharing table. 

Santorini tomato keftedes, simple tomato fritters with feta, mint and oregano served with a simple Greek yoghurt, cucumber and mint dip and Greek melitzanosalata, a roasted aubergine dip

Greek tomato, white bean and caper salad with lemon and olive oil with honey-baked feta and organic thyme

Egyptian mesa’a’ah, a spiced aubergine dip with tahini yoghurt

Akko amba sauce with mango, lime and Iraqi spices

Bon appetit!!!