Here is a list of the recipes featured on my blog. All of them are inspired by the food I eat and the cooks that I meet on my culinary journey. This is the food that I put on my table every day, each dish featuring fresh seasonal ingredients and the culinary gems that I collect from countries that kiss the coast of the Mediterranean: from the delicately fragrant hills of France, Italy and Greece to the big gutsy flavours of Turkey, Lebanon and Palestine.


Beans, legumes & pulses
Greek gigantes beans with tomatoes, nettles & herbs
Neapolitan ragù of cannellini beans with fragrant rosemary and Amalfi chillies
Umbrian farro pilaf with fennel, roasted grapes and mozzarella

Bread, flatbreads and tartines
Lebanese holy bread scented with orange blossom water and rosewater
Pide ekmeği (Turkish flatbread)
Spiced labneh and roasted tomato tartine

Breakfast & brunch
Jaffa orange blossom infused labneh
Turkish-style baked eggs with biber salçası
Turkish menemen

Cakes and desserts
Basque Country apple tart
Greek wild thyme & fragrant herb honey polenta cake
Mallorcan orange, almond and fig cake
San Marino Bustrengo, a fresh apple, fig and polenta cake

Cocktails & cordials
French 77 cocktail
Hyères elderflower & orange blossom cordial

Conserves, spoon sweets & spreads
Greek white peach & orange blossom spoon sweets (gliko koutaliou rodakino)

French apricots poached in a syrup of vanilla, star anise and lavender-infused rosé wine

Mezzes, starters & dips
A’isha’s lemony hummus with cumin and oregano
Aleppo muhammara, a red pepper & roasted walnut dip
Amirim Kasundi, a spicy tomato chutney
Andalusian spicy lemon-scented white bean dip
Florentin roast garlic hummus with lemon & oregano
Greek goddess herb & olive oil hummus
Greek island tzatziki with dill & mint
Greek melitzanosalata, roasted aubergine dip
Greek skordalia with biber salçası-roasted plum tomatoes
Israeli slow roasted beetroot, lemon and mint hummus
Istanbul sweet potato & bulgar wheat koftas with tahini & lemon sauce
Italian herb-marinated bocconcini
Kasbah spiced sweet potato hummus
Kyrenia griddled halloumi, tomato & pomegranate salad
Lebanese lemon-infused labneh with zhoug
Lyutenitsa (spicy red pepper & tomato spread)
Mallorcan smoky tomato and garlic dip
Paulo’s creamy cannellini bean dip with parsley and Sicilian lemon
Poischichade, a Provençal chickpea & sun-dried tomato dip
Sami’s koosa mahshi, stuffed peppers with sultanas, pine kernels and seven spices
Santorini fava dip with capers
Santorini tomato keftedes with feta and wild oregano
Sicilian pea & ricotta salata bruschetta
Sicilian peperonata with lemon-infused labneh
Shuk Ha’Carmel pea & mint falafel with tahini and lemon sauce
Shuk hummus with zhoug & pine kernels
Turkish biber salçasi & yoghurt dip
Turkish carrot & garlic yoghurt salad with carrot greens & pistachio pesto
Turkish ezme salad
Turkish smashed cucumber salad with late summer berries & herbs
Turkish yoghurt with mint, garlic & lemon

Omelettes & frittatas
A sumptuous Spanish tortilla
Provençal baked goats’ cheese & herb omelette
Provençal lemon-baked ricotta and Gruyère omelette with French tarragon and fresh chives
Salerno sweet red pepper & fontina cheese frittata 

Pasta, malfatti & gnocchi
Greek kritharaki (orzo) with feta, tomatoes and wild oregano
Ligurian basil gnocchi with broccoli, spinach and creamy cheesy sauce
Lucca rigatoni with roasted tomatoes and salsa verde

Pies & tarts
Bebek börek, a spinach & feta filo pie
Cadouin tarte paysanne
Jerez caramelised shallot tarte tatin with Oloroso sherry
Lebanese feta, orange and almond filo pie
Lebanese za’atar-roasted vegetable & halloumi filo pie with dill & lemon zest
Roast chestnut, mushroom and Oloroso sherry tart

Pizza, farinata, fritters & socco
Mexican sweetcorn and chilli fritters with a chipotle and a lime salsa
Pizza bianco with lemony courgette ribbons, dolcelatte and sun-dried tomatoes
Tuscan cecina, a chickpea flour pancake with rosemary

Salads & sides

105 Lincoln greens and carrot slaw with a crème fraîche and grain mustard dressing
Aya Yorgi fasulye piyaz (Turkish bean salad)
Butterbean, broccoli & sugar snap salad with Mallorcan caper & sultana dressing
Camargue red rice & goats’ cheese salad with a grain mustard dressing
Dimitri’s Greek salad (horiatiki)
Essaouira couscous with saffron, mint and lemon
Greek broccoli salad with sun-dried tomatoes and toasted almonds
Greek spelt, roasted red pepper & chickpea salad with an oregano & lemon dressing
Kyrenia griddled halloumi, tomato & pomegranate salad
Lebanese butata harra, a warmly spiced potato salad
Lebanese slaw with mint, oranges and pomegranate molasses
Livorno cannellini bean, tomato & ricotta salata salad
Medioevo farro & mozzarella salad
Neapolitan buffalo mozzarella with zucchini alla scapece and borlotti beans
Neapolitan roast potato puttanesca salad
Palestinian maftoul tabbouleh with toasted almonds and pomegranate
Pignasecca borlotti bean & fig salad with a tarragon & Greek yoghurt dressing
Provençal endive and walnut salad with an orange & oregano dressing
Provençal haricots blancs en salade, a white bean and tomato salad
Sheinkin fattoush with an aromatic green olive and za’atar tapenade
Sicilian tomato & caper salad
Sóllar lemon & saffron-infused roast potatoes with olivas negras sea salt
Souk el Tayeb roasted freekeh and pomegranate salad with parsley and mint
Spanish roast potatoes with garlic and smoky paprika
Tarnais Le Puy lentil salad
Turkish carrot & garlic yoghurt salad with carrot greens & pistachio pesto
Turkish ezme salad
Umbrian farro pilaf with fennel, roasted grapes and mozzarella
Umbrian roasted carrot & borlotti bean salad with a honey lemon dressing
Volós lentil salad with a garlic & lemon dressing
Warm cumin-roasted squash, wild rice and black bean salad with cranberries
Yafo clementine, root vegetable and bulgar wheat salad

Sauces & condiments
Acre amba sauce
Amirim Kasundi, a spicy tomato chutney
Carrot greens & pistachio pesto
Lyutenitsa (spicy red pepper & tomato spread)
Middle Eastern cranberry and pomegranate sauce
Turkish biber salçasi (red pepper paste)
Turkish biber salçasi & yoghurt dip
Umbrian rocket & walnut pesto

Lokanta mercimek çorbası (red lentil & bulgar wheat soup)
Provençal tomato soup with fennel & vermouth
Spicy Tuscan borlotti bean, tomato and cavolo nero soup
Tuscan borlotti bean & vegetable soup

Stews & Oven Bakes
Greek gigantes beans with tomatoes, nettles & herbs
Greek white beans with coriander and lemon-baked feta
Greek island feta and tomato saganaki
Neapolitan ragù of cannellini beans with fragrant rosemary and Amalfi chillies
Rana’s Lebanese chickpea & pomegranate molasses stew
Palestinian rummaniyeh, a pomegranate, lentil and aubergine stew
Ratatouille Niçoise with saffron and lemon
Sicilian Peperonata

Spanish paprika-baked white beans with a sourdough and Manchego cheese crust
Quartieri Spagnoli aubergine parmigiana (melanzane alla parmigiana)