North South

Welcome to the autumn season of the Cardamom and Dill Levantine mezze pop-ups at North South in Bootham, York. Each menu showcases five authentic vegetarian mezze dishes inspired by my frequent visits to various street markets in the Levant where you will find all life laid out for you to savour: hemp sacks overflowing with an astonishing variety of dried fruit and nuts; mountains of seasonal fruit, vegetables and herbs; tiny kiosks housing spice masters and bakers selling warm pastries and halva; barrels of mature white cheeses garnished with herbs; nuts, seeds and colourful spices all piled high and literally zinging with colour, flavour and aroma; street hawkers, florists, fishermen and precious boxes of jewel coloured sweet treats decorated with pistachios, almonds and dried rose petals. No matter what time of the year that you visit you will be reminded of the magic of ancient lands and the fairy tales and stories that coloured our childhood dreams of the East.

Menu for Wednesday 13th October **POSTPONED**

Sami’s stuffed red peppers with arborio rice, tangy feta, tomatoes, juicy golden sultanas, toasted almonds, lashings of fresh herbs and a classic amba spice mix (mango powder, ground mustard seeds, dried lime powder, turmeric, cayenne and ground fenugreek seeds) finished with pomegranate arils and fresh dill (contains dairy, tree nuts, mustard seeds)

Souk el Tayeb roasted bulgur and borlotti bean salad with chopped pistachio nuts, juicy pomegranate arils, parsley, mint and a sweet sour pomegranate and lemon dressing (contains gluten, tree nuts)

Nephele’s beetroot and garlic salad with creamy ricotta and fresh dill (contains dairy)

Aleppo muhammara, a spicy red pepper and roasted walnut dip with a toasted hazelnut, almond and thyme dukkah (contains gluten, tree nuts)

Greek island tzatziki with chopped cucumber, fresh dill and mint (contains dairy)

Arabic flatbread (contains gluten)

Future dates

Wednesday 24 November **FULLY BOOKED**

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