Eastern Mediterranean lunch menu

A classic Greek spanakopita, delicate filo pastry packed with tangy feta and ricotta cheese, spinach, peppery rocket leaves, freshly grated nutmeg, lemon zest and pul biber drizzled with amba sauce and a lemony tahini and pomegranate sauce, served with your choice of salad, £9 

Sabich, the quintessential Iraqi-Jewish open sandwich comprised of layers za’atar and lemon-roasted aubergine with sweet red onions, a crunchy Lebanese shredded red cabbage, carrot and mint salad, vibrant labneh (strained Greek yoghurt) with mint, pul biber and lemon zest, amba sauce (spiced mango and lime), a mild pickled pepper, a drizzle of lemony tahini and pomegranate sauce and za’atar oil served on warm Arabic bread to make it vegan, replace the labneh with my lemony hummus with garlic, cumin and wild oregano, £9

A toasted sourdough tartine smothered with my vibrant labneh infused with with mint, pul biber and lemon zest, topped with incredibly juicy confit tomatoes with garlic and herbs, drizzled with Kalamata olive oil and garnished with pul biber and wild oregano. The perfect autumn dish with just a kiss of the distant summer, £6.50

An autumn tasting plate comprised of spanakopita, salads and dips, £10

A salad of slow-roasted aubergine with sweet red onions, za’atar and lemon garnished with flat leaf parsley (vegan), £5

Lebanese shredded red cabbage, carrot and mint salad with oranges, red chilli, fresh herbs, toasted almonds, juicy pomegranate arils and pomegranate molasses (vegan), £5

Prisini salata, a crunchy Greek lettuce salad with spring onions and fresh dill  with a red wine vinegar and wild oregano dressing (vegan), £4

A’isha’s lemony hummus with garlic, cumin and oregano, served with Bluebird Bakery sourdough (vegan), £5

Brightly vibrant labneh (strained Greek yoghurt) with mint, pul biber and lemon zest, served with Bluebird Bakery sourdough, £5

Bluebird Bakery sourdough with Kalamata olive oil, £1

This week’s sweet treat is my indulgent fresh fig, almond and orange cake. Made with whole oranges and ground almonds, it has a beautiful moist, light texture and a wonderful citrusy flavour, served with authentic Greek yoghurt and fresh blackberries (gluten-free), £5

Late October opening hours

Friday 18th and Saturday 17th, lunch from 12pm to 2.30pm, to eat in or to take away
Supper Club and special events from 7pm to 9.30pm
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