Imagine a table covered with the softest hand woven linen, wonky bowls and plates, glistening glasses, mismatched cutlery, creamy candles and vases of hand picked flowers. Upon that table is a feast of healthy, seasonal plant-based dishes that have been elevated into something really special through the liberal use of herbs, spices and interesting ingredients gathered from our travels around the countries that kiss the coast of the Mediterranean; from the delicately fragrant hills of France, Italy and Greece to the big gutsy flavours of Turkey, Lebanon and Palestine.

A Walk in Istanbul Table Landscape 2Image © Victoria Harley

Welcome to Cardamon & Dill, the place where I reflect on my lifelong travels around the Mediterranean, the precious memories I hold in my heart and home to my personal collection of the affordable, plant-based, market-to-table dishes I create every day for my husband, my family, our friends and artistic collaborators whose purpose in life is to share bright conversation, inspiring ideas, vibrant nourishment, exciting new flavours and moments of giddy happiness.

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‘Cheeky scatterings’ of nuts and ‘funky Spanish leaves’, Kiki IS Elizabeth David brought bang up to date. I love her style and Elizabeth would too” – David Jones, Photographer

Building on our shared dream of making more time for each other, travelling to out of the way places, discovering old family recipes and seeking out exciting new cooks, this is the table around which we share our thoughts on how to live a simpler, happier life through heartfelt friendship, generosity of spirit, curious exploration, healthy eating and conscious living.

All the food I make is real, uncomplicated and beautifully imperfect; all the images I capture are taken in the moment, at home or on location and with no fancy styling or filters; just as life should be. Most of my recipes serve four but that’s not really how I roll. I prefer to put several smaller dishes on the table at once and invite everyone to help themselves to a little bit of everything and to eat at their own pace. This is the kind of communal sharing table I love, whether it’s a weekday supper for just the two of us, a long lazy lunch with the people we love or a swanky dinner for 20 people.

I’m aware that some of the ingredients I work with are unusual but this is what really excites me about cooking; the discovery, the seeking out and the experimentation involved in working with those ingredients is what fuels my passion for food from the beautifully abundant and diverse Mediterranean region.

That said, pretty much everything I use is available in the UK so please check out my Pantry and Source pages to discover more about the ingredients I use, the brands I love and the places I source them from.